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We are a collection of shape-shifting creatives guided by the principle that design is problem solving and collaboration is the key to success. For decades we have pushed limits, balancing our rule-breaking, rock n’ roll spirit with meticulous attention to detail, time and budget. Our secret sauce is a harmonious blend of people, art and technology.


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Spike Brant CEO

Yoga-doing, flip-flop-wearing, zen punk hippie freak, who? me?

Always pushing the limits of everything: people, technology, budgets. Always asking what is possible: how far, how high, how bright. Be the best at whatever you do and make the most of whatever you have no matter how big or small.

Started in audio in 1979 with a Meyer Sound PA in church to avoid singing in the choir, and I haven’t stopped giggin’ since. I’ve had every job over the years: Lighting Hardware Tech, Truss Monkey, Dimmer Tech, Color Changer Tech, Moving Light Tech, Lighting Crew Chief, Lighting Programmer, Lighting Director, Rigger, Sound Tech, Monitor Engineer, Laser Tech, Dry Ice Tech, FOH Sound Engineer, Scenic Designer, Video Director, Lighting Designer, Production Designer, Technical Producer, Creative Producer and EIC.

In this critical decade, I am focused on bringing sustainability to design and our industry at large.  We have the opportunity to innovate and communicate to the world a regenerative future for all.

When not gigging, I love spending time with my family: my wife Jenny and my two awesome kids Ian and Sidney. I want to do more for the planet and make cool things in weird places.

Justin Collie President

Frustrated Painter

I left home for ‘The Big City’ at 20. Began work at Zenith Lighting in London and discovered lighting could be my canvas. Since then I’ve built my reputation as a lighting designer and when I partnered with Spike, we started pursuing a new approach to the way shows are created.

My ambition continues to be making complex designs seem effortless and presenting a unique experience for the performer and audience alike.

I continue to hone my craft throughout all aspects of stagecraft, from equipment set-up to design creation. Programming and operating lighting control systems, innovative control system creation, televised lighting and large event lighting are a few of the areas in which I am accomplished. When given the opportunity, I  write, create and direct the same show I design.

Watching my children become humans and cooking makes me happy. A beach house and one day learning to paint keeps me moving forward.

Scott Schecter VP of Production

40-years in (and still going), this journey began in the flourishing South Jersey rock clubs as the Lighting Guy / DJ. Club gigs and a recommendation from a college stage management instructor eventually led to getting hired for a summer position at McManus Enterprises pulling rental gear. The summer gig turned into a full-time position on the road production crew, navigating the joys of trouping early generation lighting gear. The winding path of the years to follow included stints as local stagehand, tour lighting director, venue operator, project manager, talent buyer, promoter rep, and executive producer. I’ve always believed that working hard and working smart with creativity, humor, and integrity is the best formula for success. Culture is everything.

Cat Sacks Executive Coordinator

Spike wrangler, planner and organizer. 

You hold a lot of hands when you work in women’s health and volunteer for a crisis hotline: supporting clients, advocating for their needs and providing information. But I traded scrubs for skirts and suit jackets to become the right hand to the CEO of the premier professional membership organization for ob-gyns. My next obvious step wasn’t exactly making a move to Nimblist to work with creatives, but I found my niche. Tell me all your passwords and trust me to take it from there: anticipating needs, minimizing hassles, maintaining a sense of humor, and remaining calm. I’ve got your back.

Trish Shumway Operations

I am a master of putting order to chaos – at Nimblist I ensure everyone has what they need in order to do their best work. That includes admin, finances, project management, and memes. I come from a background of theater with specialties in scenic art and props. I’ve worked with some of the best people at some of the best places all over the world: American Repertory Theater, Williamstown Theater Festival, Cirque Du Soleil, and a number of the Rock Lititz family companies to name a few.

When I’m not working, I can be found painting, upholstering antique furniture, or spending time with my screamingly average husband Jim, my tornado-of-chaos baby daughter Lane, and best pups ever Lily & Ike. I should also probably drink less coffee.

Jonathan Hollinger Technical Designer

I’m a problem-solver always looking for elegant solutions. I pride myself in balancing every detail without getting lost in the weeds. As the liaison between design and production, I enjoy shepherding the most pie-in-the-sky ideas into reality.

After various jobs in the building trades, I made the switch to live events in 2012, cutting my teeth drafting projects for past and present Nimblist clients Nike, NFL, Bon Jovi, iHeartRadio, and the Robin Hood Foundation. My current roles include technical design, site planning, vendor coordination, and on-site execution.

I’m energized by high-functioning teams and working with some of the best in the business. Never satisfied with average, I believe constant improvement is a lifestyle. Every show can and should be better designed, planned, and executed than the last.

When not in work mode, you’ll find me building, fixing, or restoring something; vintage HiFi, mechanical watches, or my 19th century Victorian home.

Andy Philpo Designer

English and Theater double-major. 

A life spent immersed in live entertainment. 

Always looking to the future of the craft, to find new ways to immerse, engage, and inspire each other in our creative endeavors.

Hobbies, Alphabetized: Books (Comic), Games (Board, Card, Tabletop, Video), Gardening, Micro-controllers, Running, Sci-fi.

Husband to Mary, Dog-dad to Rocket.

A day spent making something amazing, at any scale, is a day well spent.

Kille Knobel Lighting Designer

I fell into lighting after moving to the north woods of Michigan at 15 to go to Interlochen Arts Academy.  After getting a foundation in dance lighting at IAA, I knew I wanted to light concerts, but this was at a time when you could count the number of female lighting designers in rock-n-roll on one hand.  Thanks to a fellow CalArts alum, I got my foot in the door as a console trainer at Light & Sound Design and started going out on the road soon after.  Met Spike and Justin during those early days and have enjoyed a long relationship of collaborating on shows ever since.  

Eventual motherhood meant less time sleeping on a tour bus and more time at home where I pivoted to pursuing design work in a broader array of genres- special events, broadcast, corporate shows, and installations.  While lighting music remains my first love, I enjoy cross pollinating the inspiration and skills that come from each of these different areas of specialty.  

When I’m not working I spend most of my time grocery shopping to sustain the continuous shoveling of food into the mouths of 3 teenage sons.

Felix Peralta Lighting Designer

A percussionist at heart, I initially pursued my passion for music majoring in audio engineering at the Art Institute Schools. However, my journey led me to a career in entertainment production, where I eventually found a creative path in the world of lighting. Lighting has become my canvas for interpreting music, setting the mood, painting with light, and creating delicate, nuanced effects or bold, impactful visuals. My mission has always been to strike a balance and not only light an amazing wide shot, but create beautiful close-up images, making them shine, especially in the era of social media.

With over three decades of experience, I’ve honed my lighting skills by working on a diverse range of projects across various platforms.  My journey in lighting design has taken me from the intricacies of television production, including episodics, game shows, to the grandeur of live events like the MTV Video Music Awards, Latin Grammys and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. I’ve had the honor of lighting iconic artists such as U2, The Cure, Bon Jovi, Café Tacvba, Romeo Santos & Daddy Yankee to name a few, and I’m grateful to have been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards for my contributions to the industry.

As a drummer knows how to harmonize with the band while bringing their unique rhythm, I understand the importance of finding balance in life—whether it’s for family, love, or one’s career. This balance is a core value for me. Whether I’m lighting large-scale television productions, an upcoming concert tour, exploring new creative avenues, or ensuring the right vibe at home, I approach each endeavor with unwavering passion and dedication. My proudest accomplishments are my three children: Bella, Felix Jr., and Max, and the remarkable woman who is the cornerstone of our lives, my wife Elena.

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