Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi 2022 tour’s production design focused on sustainability, utilizing pre-existing hex towers and pantographs in new ways to create as many dynamic looks as possible, even leaning into five 9×9 Roe V8T screens’ resemblance to windows. After months of designing, planning, coordinating, and days spent programming visuals and lights with music, the band kicked off to a sold-out crowd, pumped and ready. Bon Jovi had a lot of catching up to do with their fans after a two-year hiatus from touring. A highlight of the performance honored the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people with the song “We Don’t Run.”


Bon Jovi Touring, Inc.

Key Collaborators

Jenny Schulder, Joe Bay, Harry Forster, Dark Matter FX, Linda Strawberry, Round Angel Design


North America


Spring 2022


Production Design, Lighting, Video and Scenic Design, Creative Direction