Lizzo – The Special Tour

When we met to discuss Lizzo’s Special Tour, we knew, from a napkin sketch, that Lizzo wanted something other than the traditional rectangular stage. We took a deep dive as a team into researching and creating a design that reflected and honored the physicality of the curve, using as inspiration, a variety of goddess archetypes who held power in her shape, who took up space, and who embodied the feminine divine. We explored architecture: the strong, fluid shapes of Zaha Hadid and whimsical, playfulness of Antti Lovag. We knew that the design needed to look good from every angle, so that each concertgoer had the opportunity to see something unique from their vantage point. And as the icing on the cake, our incredible content and lighting programming team provided the visual acuity to bring it all together. As always, we couldn’t do it without an amazing crew of very talented people.


Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc

Key Collaborators

Jenny Schulder, Steve Mills, Kat Borderud, Bonny Nichoaids, Grant McDonald, Airworks, TAIT Towers, Solotech, Linda Strawberry, Noisy Head Studio, Dark Matter FX, Savages, Colleen Wittenberg, Nick Fletcher


North American Tour


Fall 2022


Production, Lighting Design, Creative Direction, Screens Content, Executive Production