We love living on planet Earth and support the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems as passionately as we design shows. We are acknowledging our impact, we are measuring our impact and we are taking steps to align our actions and business practices with a regenerative mindset.

Clear Climate Strategies helped us to create a
ten-year climate action plan with the goal to
reduce and offset our cradle-to-customer
emissions starting in 2023.

We've committed to donating at least 1% of annual sales directly to environmental organizations.

We are committed to supporting and encouraging our industry partners in creating new pathways for sustainable events.

Our crew coordinating responsible waste management for backstage dining at the Robin Hood Benefit, 2023.


A Greener Future

Leaders in event sustainability, with global services for organizations, including consultancy, training, and certification, to elevate live events worldwide towards sustainability.


80% of a festival’s carbon emissions are caused by travel; Ecolibrium aims to work across the festival industry to raise awareness, reduce impacts and help organizations, artists and individuals move to low carbon travel.

GHG Protocol

Provides standards and tools that help companies track progress toward climate goals.

Julie's Bicycle

Leading not-for-profit, mobilizing the arts and culture to take action

Music Sustainability Alliance

Learn, innovate, and collaborate; advancing sustainability in the music business with science-based solutions, business case analyses, best practices, and tools for operational change across the industry.


Creates and executes comprehensive programs to reduce concert and tour footprints from eliminating single-use water bottles to coordinating local farm food to fueling sustainable biodiesel in tour buses to composting and donating food waste and more.

Science Based Targets

Drives ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling organizations to set science-based emissions reduction targets.


A community of live production professionals who share the belief that our industry must embrace sustainability to ensure its future.

United Nations - The 17 Goals

An urgent call for action by the UN recognizing that ending poverty and other deprivations goes hand-in-hand with improving quality of life and tackling climate change.


Reusable serveware system including cups, plates, & to go containers, eliminating single-use waste at your event, festival, or venue.